March 01, 2012

Like Attracts Like....Delray Beach Florida

When I met this couple I was delighted, overjoyed and most of all appreciative that they saw the artistic side of me. It's not everyday that people say, "We are getting married and we want an artist to be our photographer." Especially when one of them is an extremely talented architect.
I loved their vibe, their dispositions and high expectations...they challenged me, made me feel inspired and most of all showed me all the love they had which enabled me to capture these photos. It's pretty powerful when the art of photography at a wedding with an kinetic couple comes together...I fall in love with my job. Kim + John are reminders that in life and work; Like Attracts Like!
Kim and John planned their intimate wedding at one of my favorite locations; the Sundy House in Delray Beach, Florida. What a jungle. As the morning light came over the bamboo, the entire place was lit up with the sun. The emotion of their thoughtfulness and family was ever so present in this space over looking the koi pond under a tree. It is the most beautiful, luscious and exotic places I know! Enjoy!

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