October 21, 2010

Liza + Todd...A Walk in the Park

There were numerous moments I found myself truly lost in the moment while watching Liza & Todd connect during this photo shoot. As we walked down the pathway at Oak Knoll Park in Clayton, she shared with me the story about how Todd proposed. It was here at this park in their neighborhood that he wanted to ask Liza to marry him. As they walked across the bridge I was in awh of the fall trees and the colors which ever so beautifully contrasted her red dress. I thought to myself, "So this was the beginning!" It was now the golden hour which is my favorite time of day! It makes photographs so vibrant and radiant. This couple has such an genuineness about them! In a way I am almost lost for words....The way they talked to each other and playfully interacted simply inspired me! While I was searching for another angle for the next picture, I found myself just watching them...more so as a person than a photographer. I thought, their cheekiness was so perfect! They are happy, so into the moment...playfully and in love.
I am now looking forward to their wedding next July in Naples, Florida at the Ritz Carlton. I know their wedding is going to be fabulous! They are planning some really divine weekend events for their family, friends and guest! I can't hardly wait!! Enjoy!