November 20, 2011

Cabo San Lucas Wedding... Dani + Jason

What a small world we live in....about four and a half years ago I moved to Florida to expand my destination wedding business from St. Louis to as far south as I could get with dreams of shooting more weddings in the Caribbean and pretty much any island I could get to!
One day I stepped outside my door here on the beach to take a photo of the sunset. As I framed up my shot a couple came past asking me, "Where the location on the beach is that people typically got married?" As I started talking to them, we discovered that we both were from the mid-west and had quite a bit in common. I felt an instant connection to them as for they were so laid back and just darling. I remember thinking, they are going to make the cutest couple!

About a year or so later I celebrated my 30th Birthday with a few of my closest friends here in Florida. My best friend Mike told me that he has a friend "Sly" coming into town and could he come along to dinner? It just so happened that Mike's friend was Jason, the guy from the beach with his fiance. It just so happens that Sly a.k.a Jason use to live in Chicago with my two best friends that now live here. About another year later I got a call from Dani and we discussed me going to Mexico to photograph their wedding!
It has always been a dream of mine to go to Cabo! I pictured it like a dream. I must say that I already loved Dani & Jason, I could sense their genuineness from the minute I met them on the beach two and a half years ago. I knew that if we shared the same mutual friends this was going to be one killer wedding!
Needless to say, it was! And then some! It pretty much the kind of wedding that everyone should have....a week in the sun, by the pool, laughing and enjoying your closest family, friends, not a care in the world! The Dreams Resort and Spa really was one of the nicest. It felt like a boutique style hotel with all of the amenities you could ask for! It was the perfect location to get married. It was one of the best experiences of my career thus far and will forever hold a great place in my heart.

November 17, 2011

Baja Insider

I have discovered that one of the best things to do while visiting paradise is to take a catamaran cruise. Cabo just is one of those places that....well, there is no other location on the face of the planet like it! It's pretty killer. So when the opportunity presented itself for the bride & groom and a few friends on a sunset cruise over to the famous rocks on the Baja peninsula I knew we had to do it. We cruised with our red wine and had not a care in the was the perfect end to an amazing day and the ideal night cap after Dani & Jason's Cabo wedding.
With love and the strong desire to buy a boat and move to an island ;)

Cabo at sunrise!

There are only a few things in life I will wake up early in the morning for! Most mornings while in Cabo San Lucas photographing a wedding, I found myself up at sunrise as the glare from the oceans golden sun beat on my electric. We stayed at the Dreams Resort which was one of the most beautiful resorts I have visited! Needless to say, the view from my room looked over the desert sand onto the beach. Every morning I saw horses trotting the beach at may sound cliche but the fact is it really was one of the most magical things I have ever seen.
Cabo really is one of those places that will stay in my heart forever...I day dreamed while I was there...found a great tiki to get inspired as the waves crashed the yellow desert sand...I can't help but love this paradise.
Here are a few photos from our sunset ride with my camera strapped to my back thinking, whatever life gives me after this day is simply icing on the cake, la dolce vita.

November 01, 2011

Aruba Wedding...Lisa + Mike

It's hard to find words to write about on this's one of those couples that you just have to know! Lisa is one of the most extraordinary women I know...she's savvy, has a passion for design and creates the most amazing pieces of art. When it came to her wedding, no detail was left unthought of. She created a beautiful wedding. Her style belongs in a magazine and her smile should be framed and admired everyday! Lisa is one of those people you love and feel so lucky to be a part of her life. She and Mike met in Boston and decided to say their I Do's in Aruba. We all flew to be there for them and were welcomed open heartedly into their family circle of friends.
As the sunset, the wedding took place by the beach. The tiki huts were a prefect backdrop and the yellow light was on fire. Everyone little detail and word complimented the next....they resembled the delight, vibrant color and elegance just like what Lisa possesses. From the start of the ceremony to the end of the reception the guests laughed, cried and sweated their hearts out on the dance floor under the full moon.

Check out their wedding highlights on my website here.