December 27, 2011

Goodbye 2011 + Hello to a New Year

In a way it is exciting to write this last blog for the start of my new year I will be spending time working, doing what I love. I'll be filming a wedding with Dorian Iribarren in Boston. One of the highlights, from our venue at the Four Seasons Hotel will be the fireworks at midnight overlooking Boston Commons.

The past extraordinary year offered me the opportunity to work with wonderful couples in wonderful places worldwide. Much to my delight, The Knot Magazine bestowed upon me the award as one of the Top Photographer for 2012 in South Florida.

Cheers to a happy and healthy year.

December 01, 2011

The law of Attraction...Jenny + Peter

I travel almost every minute of my inspires me. And as I explore and learn more and more I realize that the best experiences are from spontaneity. As an artist I have a vision, always having expectations of photographing my couples in a different way that is unique to their relationship.
As I prepped for this shoot with Jenny + Peter I thought, let's do something different! Jenny is a stylist and knew exactly what she wanted and I loved her ideas. She is classic and desired a vintage feel for her engagement pictures. Jenny and I are spontaneous and know that it's not about where you are but the feeling you get when you are there.
We met to do the photo shoot and as we drove we talked about where we were going to go! I told them that the other day I was describing the perfect spot to Dorian....{I'd love to find an open field with one tree, a place that I can take pictures and the couple pops out of the background, whimsical and colorful. As I day dreamed about this place the reality was, I had no plans, a few expectations but had no place to go....As Dorian laughed he said, "I love your ideas but where are you going to find a place like that around here?" So as we drove a few short miles I looked out the window at a Polo Club that was on the right side of the car...and said, "That's it!" This is the place! It was perfect.
Here we spent some time capturing some amazing images of this great couple. There is nothing better than photographing couples who can be themselves, fun loving, not have plans, trust each other and just enjoy each moment as if it was a present.
Cheers to Jenny and Peter, I am really looking forward to your wedding in March in Coconut Grove!
And look here, if you envision a place in your mind, it exists, you just have to go out there and believe in's called the Law of Attraction or on this day, just a tree in the middle of know where :) Carpe Diem.