April 24, 2011

Ryan + Justine: PGA National Golf Course

There are a few people that come along in life that re-inspire me. These are people who bring joy, creativity, and kindness even before a friendship really gets started. From the moment I met Justine & Ryan I knew they were our perfect client. As dorian and I listened to them talk and share their stories of travel and adventures I felt such a strong desired to be a part of their wedding day. They are just one of those couples you love and immediately want to hear about all the moments that brought them to where they are today.
As they planned their wedding and prepared for the shoot we began to build a strong relationship. We found a lot in common with each other. Like us they love golf, trips to the Keys, eating sushi and concerts, just to name a few. Just when I thought Dorian was the most techie person I knew, we realized Ryan holds the crown. I must say Ryan and Justine have a great sense of adventure. They have been to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Tahiti was their honeymoon escape! The photographs they brought back were out of this world but I most loved their tales...Like journal entries to their life.Their trip was pretty remarkable and to think, this is just the beginning of their journey.
I obviously think the world of this couple. I truly could not imagine them with anyone else. The are the definition of complimentary. Oh how they love each other unconditionally. I hope through these still images everyone can see their true beauty, sentiments and laughter. Fleeting moments took place in the perfect setting there on the terrace overlooking one of the prettiest golf course in America. PGA National Golf Course & Resort.
Yellow golden light painted them just as they said their vows creating such an amazing mood for the rest of the evening. The party could have never ended! We loved being such a special part of their wedding and having the opportunity to tell their story. A special thanks to all the wedding party and their parents, each of you were part of making this day remarkable. They are lucky to have wonderful people like you in their lives.
Also featuring a link to their video by Sea Glass Productions which ignites the emotions of their big day as they really happened. It was one of those days I will remember for the rest of my life. Enjoy this film.

Wedding Venue: PGA National
Florist: Jacqueline Goldman: J. Morgan
Wedding Video: Sea Glass Productions: Dorian Iribarren

April 11, 2011

Love Story Film...Lindsey + Justin

The art of a love story as we know it is taking new shape. It's not just about the engagement or the wedding it's about the in between. That's the excitement and experience of every day life as we know it! This couple has a special place in our hearts as both clients and friends. I admire Lindsey & Justin for their worldly travels, adventures, their bike rides, paddle board adventures in Deerfield Beach and frequent trips to the Keys to get away.
I had the opportunity to assist in producing this film with Dorian. He and I shot this together over a few days here on the island of Deerfield Beach & Boca Raton. When we are not filming, we are usually right along with Lindsey, Justin & Mike riding our Townies to the Pier or Kahunas. Although we dedicate our life, weekends and youthful energy to wedding photography & film, we have found that what brings us most joy is the love story. A love story film to me is capturing couples as they are in their element while doing what they love. Here we have time to be silly, get our feet sandy, watch the sun come up and even get on a ride at the carnival to experience the thrill of the adventure! After all, isn't that what life's all about?!


This shoot re inspired me! Dorian and I most love working together because we can be 100% creative. This shoot enabled us to step outside our comfort zone and produce a film that was both fun, colorful and captured the art of relationships!