December 13, 2012

Wendy + Yval in NYC...Engagement Photos in Central Park

Oh New York....what a great city! I recently shot a wedding in NYC at the Jumeirah Essex House on Central Park. On Sunday I met up with my friend Wendy and met her beau Yuval. She is from St. Louis where I also photographed her moms wedding and have taken portraits of her and her sister Melissa for quite some time now. They are the sweetest, most outgoing girls! Yval and Wendy are such a great couple because they love being outdoors and enjoying the company of others. Wendy has one of the coolest jobs in NY working for Polo Ralph Lauren and lives the city life oh so fabulously!!!  So to take her engagement photos was truly a joy for me. We had fun with it! Walking through the park, stopping to compose some great pictures and food along the way was exciting. It really made my trip complete and I now look forward to their 2013 wedding in Boston! 


December 09, 2012

Winter in St. Louis

There is something beautiful about winter in St. Louis. On this day, December 1st. Abby & Jeff tied the knot. The weather was 65 degrees and a clear blue sky!