February 26, 2013

Jupiter Beach

I cannot say enough nice things about this couple! Meredith & Clark are so outgoing, fun and easy to talk to! I loved photographing them because they felt like they were my friends. They are the kind of people that enjoy the mountains of Colorado where they got engaged and the beaches of south Florida where the currently live. It's just so cool for me to work with couples that I feel so comfortable and that are super down to earth. I mean, after all, I am taking some of the most important images of their lives and managing to create a great experience that is fun. I can't wait for their epic wedding and reception with all of their friends this coming June! It's going to be good!!!!

February 15, 2013

Going Beyond Paradise

{Words of Dorian Iribarren} Over the past few years, Maggie and I have been obsessed with traveling. We met in New Orleans 6 years ago and having experienced Jazz Fest & Mardi Gras, those events have lead us to discover more amazing places in the world, each other and feed our passion for what we do. From Key West, to Paris for New Years in 2011 we have discovered so many places in between. Iguazu falls in Argentina was a life changing adventure we had in 2012 which inspires us to go abroad and see more of the epic locations that are truly unspeakable. We've found that there are places you can't put into words, you just have to experience them for yourself. 

A wise friend said it best, "It doesn't matter where you go or what you do or what you have, all that matters is who is by your side!" {M.K Freestone}

Credits:Music licensed by The Music Bed themusicbed.com/ Director/DP/Editor: Dorian Iribarren seaglassstudios.comCoDirector: Maggie Stolzberg maggiestolzberg.com

February 05, 2013

Winter Wedding in Paradise!!!!

There are so many ways to get married but I must say that in the dead of winter there is always a paradise that is the ideal setting for a wedding. And...this is it!


*A SPECIAL thanks to Kelly Fowler with Just Save the Date. The most fabulous!