September 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today exemplifies the reward I receive through my life's work of photography. I met Pam & Dan almost five years ago. They hired me to shoot their wedding and I have stayed in touch and became pretty good friends with them over the years. I admire this darling couple...They were living in New York and have since moved back to St. Louis where their families live. Today, they celebrate their three year anniversary. Pam is also EXPECTING their first little boy in a few weeks!
As I processed theses photos I could not help but realize how rewarding my job really is fulfilling comes to mind as I smile :) I see couples go through the engagement process, get married, party on the happiest night of their life! Buy their first home together and get their first dog! And finally, watch them start a family. I love photographing weddings however, I find much reward in being a couples photographer along the milestones in life!
Happy Anniversary to one of the most special couples I have met. I can't wait to meet Nathan and watch you become the best parents. You deserve all the best. Cheers!

September 08, 2011

The best book you'll own

(Above) Acrylic Cover with a brown leather. 10" Flush Mount design. *Rachel & Jason...Cascade Mountain Wedding in Carlton, Washington
(Above) Cream Leather Cover. 10" Flush Mount design. *Katie & Josh...Kansas City, Missouri

(Above) Japanese Silk Album. 10" Crease print album design. *Brooke & Jim...Austin Texas. Wedding location: Lady Bird Wildflower Sanctuary.
So it's 2011 and I'm tired of DVD's - here is a new devise that offers accessibility to your wedding images via USB. Seen below is an 8GB USB drive that comes custom made in a "ring" box. It is 3" by 3" and holds all the wedding day images that have been processed and touched up. This devise can be plugged directly into your PlayStation, Wi and your finance's new flat screen tv. It is a great way to watch your images on the big screen or easily copy them to your laptop, IPad and whatever other fancy gadgets you own :)

Before I was a photographer...I was a graphic designer. I had no idea what I wanted to be when I "grew up"! It was my sophomore year in college and the only certain thing I felt was that I just loved golf. I played everyday and got to travel. It was my everything...
One spring day it was time to declare a major in I thought; art = my passion & computers = money. So I signed up for graphic design. Being a professional photographer was not yet on my mind but I found a niche for design.
I now realized that the best kind of design is what you create for yourself.
Today, I am glad all the my puzzle pieces fell together, design, art, photography and now weddings. I love keeping a part of my graphic design present in my life through creating wedding albums for my clients. It's the best book a couple will ever own. If created the right way your wedding pictures go from photos to art...the design, layout and seamlessness of the new albums on the market today make the concept of tradition be a thing of the past. My books tell a story and of course the couples look amazing.
Here are a few images of some recent books I have made for my studio. These are my personal fav's!