March 26, 2012

Ashley + Rob...the Boca Resort & Club + Canon 5D Mark iii's

Just before I packed my shootsac for Friday's engagement session I had a knock at the door. It was the long awaited new Canon 5'd Cameras! The weather was perfection and the camera came into my hands on a more perfect day! I headed up the street to the Boca Resort to shoot Ashley & Rob's engagement pictures. As I started shooting the new Mark iii's, I was in AWHHHHhhh.

The things I look for when I am taking a pictures is emotion, golden light, colors around me and a unique angle no one else's eyes see. It's pretty remarkable how much you can capture when you set your standards high, work with a cute couple that is fun-loving and free as well as shoot with the state of the art cameras that just make our creative work that much more powerful! With these new camera's, our arsenal of L-Series lenses and artistic abilities we feel like we are really doing some extra-special work!
Here are a few images from our session on Friday. A special thanks to Dorian for being there for us and testing out the new cameras is amazing to look back and see how things have changed since the first digital SLR cameras came out in 2003...and since Dorian and I started working creatively together. I have a great team and fabulous clients like Ashley + Rob!

March 24, 2012

A Wedding Film...Islamorada

This is not just a wedding film but an experience that was captivating. Dorian and I shot this wedding film last weekend in Islamorada. Together we filmed Jaimie + Dennis. After the sunburn faded we created this wedding trailer for them! Enjoy. What a weekend!

Shot with Canon 5D Mark ii
Produced by: Seaglass Productions
Cinematographer: Dorian Iribarren
Second Camera: Maggie Stolzberg

March 01, 2012

Like Attracts Like....Delray Beach Florida

When I met this couple I was delighted, overjoyed and most of all appreciative that they saw the artistic side of me. It's not everyday that people say, "We are getting married and we want an artist to be our photographer." Especially when one of them is an extremely talented architect.
I loved their vibe, their dispositions and high expectations...they challenged me, made me feel inspired and most of all showed me all the love they had which enabled me to capture these photos. It's pretty powerful when the art of photography at a wedding with an kinetic couple comes together...I fall in love with my job. Kim + John are reminders that in life and work; Like Attracts Like!
Kim and John planned their intimate wedding at one of my favorite locations; the Sundy House in Delray Beach, Florida. What a jungle. As the morning light came over the bamboo, the entire place was lit up with the sun. The emotion of their thoughtfulness and family was ever so present in this space over looking the koi pond under a tree. It is the most beautiful, luscious and exotic places I know! Enjoy!